Putnam Place

The Fitchburg Redevelopment Authority is a quasi-public agency created by the Mayor and City Council on January 21, 1964 under General Law Chapter 121 Section 26. The Authority was charged with assisting the City of Fitchburg with efforts of supporting and attracting companies to Fitchburg. One of the ways that the FRA did this was by creating many of the City’s industrial parks and acting as an advocate for businesses located within Fitchburg.

The 1998 closure of the General Electric Plant in downtown and the closure of Burbank Hospital the previous year, was the impetuous of Fitchburg’s Urban Renewal Plan. GE’s closure, with its 600 employees and 30 million dollar annual payroll, was a devastating blow to downtown Fitchburg’s economy.

In 1999, the FRA began implementing Fitchburg’s Downtown Urban Renewal Plan, tying into the construction of public facilities such as the new Fire Headquarters, Fitchburg State College's new gymnasium, and the MBTA Commuter Rail Station/Garage. To help spur private development in the URP area, the city of Fitchburg and the FRA has created the following initiatives:

  1. Adopt economic incentives for private investment throughout the area.

  2. Assist with the construction of public improvements and private economic development with the use of eminent domain or private sale, when necesary.

  3. Complete public infrastructure improvements for traffic and public safety reasons.

  4. Revise existing zoning within the Urban Renewal Area to facilitate the removal of incompatible land use and provide incentives for development.

  5. Commit housing incentive programs presently used by the City to this specific area.

  6. Dispose of publicly held properties within the Urban Renewal Area for private development.

  7. The Fitchburg Redevelopment Authority owns and manages Putnam Place in the heart of Downtown Fitchburg.
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