FRA Brownfields Assessment Program

Fitchburg Riverfront Park

In Partnership with EPA Region I — New England

> Do you know of a property that because of its location may have strong redevelopment potential?

> Do you know of a property or a building that may be contaminated with petroleum (oil) or hazardous material?

> Do you know of a property that is vacant, abandoned or underutilized?

> Do you know of a property in the city that is a visual eyesore?

Property owners, businesses and investors understand that contaminated properties pose undesirable risks to human health, public safety, and the environment as well as negatively impacting the economic value of a property. Possible contaminated sites often remain unused or underutilized due to perceived, suspected or known contamination.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may have identified a brownfields property . The FRA would like your input.
Property owners or prospective owners of suspect contaminated properties that are willing to participate in the Brownfields Assessment Program are encouraged to contact us.

To Participate:

1) Contact the Fitchburg Redevelopment Authority at 978-345-9602 or
2) Complete the Property Profile Form.

Program Description

Brownfields AreaWhat are Brownfields?

Brownfields are properties that are abandoned, underutilized or blighted and due to the perceived, suspect or known presence of environmental contamination. Historically, prospective new purchasers, financial institutions and municipalities avoid involvement with these properties due to actual or potential liability associated with environmental contamination. These properties, when neglected, contribute to urban, suburban or rural blight. Contamination may include petroleum or hazardous substances and can be associated with old gasoline stations, auto body shops, dry cleaners, foundries, mill yards nd former commercial and industrial properties.

What is the EPA Brownfields Program?
The EPA Brownfields Program empowers states, communities, and other stakeholders to work together to prevent, assess, safely clean up,and sustainably reuse brownfields. Under the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act of 2002, EPA provides financial assistance to eligible applicants through various competitive grant programs for Assessment and Cleanup.

Since 2001, Fitchburg has received $1.2 million dollars in assessment and cleanup grants from the EPA. To-date 28 brownfields have been assessed and 16 properties have been redeveloped with brownfields grant funds. EPA grant funds have leveraged $12 million in additional federal, state and private funds on two brownfield sites. FRA is working with an environmental consultant to implement the brownfield assessment program.

The Assessment Program provides help in the form of financial and technical assistance for environmental services including Phase I ,II, III ESAs, hazardous building material assessments, remedial evaluations and preliminary cleanup plans. Assessment work and understanding potential cleanup costs of a property helps reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with future redevelopment.

Program Goals


Fitchburg Redevelopment Authority

Program Lead

Fitchburg Redevelopment Authority

Dan Curley
Executive Director

City of Fitchburg

Program Partner

City of Fitchburg
Department of Community Development
Economic Development Division

Mary Jo Bohart
Director Economic Development

Tighe & Bond

Program Consultant

Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Todd Kirton